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Entrepreneurship Education Conference (EEC)

On 8 & 9 April, 2021, the InfoEdge Centre for Entrepreneurship hosted the Entrepreneurship Education Conference (EEC 2021).

Entrepreneurial Education has so far primarily been viewed as a major engine for economic growth and job creation along with a response to the increasingly globalized & complex world we live in, requiring all people and organizations in society to be equipped with entrepreneurial skills.

A much less discussed but highly interesting impact that entrepreneurship can have on education is the high levels of student motivation and engagement it can trigger, and also the resulting deep learning. Those students that pick up strong interest and aptitude for value creation can then continue with elective courses and programs focusing on how to organize value creation processes by building new organizations as well as taking on important societal challenges with an entrepreneurial approach.

The Entrepreneurship Education Conference (EEC 2021) brought together some of the brightest minds for keynotes, panel discussions, and expert sessions on 8 & 9 April, 2021. 

With 1k+ registrations, the conference aimed at sparking conversations around themes like:

– Building Entrepreneurial Universities 

– Skills, Entrepreneurial Mindset and Liberal Arts 

– Global Trends in Entrepreneurship Education 

– Mahabharat and Entrepreneurship 

– Effectuation and Entrepreneurship Education

– Leveraging Ed-tech for Entrepreneurship Education

– Driving Entrepreneurship Education through Innovation Ecosystems

– Emerging Trends in Entrepreneurship Research

– Incubators, Accelerators and Entrepreneurship Education

The notable speakers at the conference were:

– Malabika Sarkar (Vice-Chancellor, Ashoka University) 

– Rishikesha Krishnan (Director, IIM-Bangalore)

– Pramath Raj Sinha (Co-Founder & Trustee, Ashoka University)

– Himanshu Rai (Director, IIM-Indore)

– Saras D. Sarasvathy (Professor, Darden School of Business)

– Vineet Gupta (Co-Founder & Trustee, Ashoka University)

– Manish Sisodia (Deputy Chief Minister & Education Minister, Delhi)

– Ashish Dhawan (Chairman, Board of Trustees, Ashoka University)

– Neharika Vohra (Vice-Chancellor, Delhi Skill and Entrepreneurship University)

– Mukesh Sud (Professor, IIM-Ahmedabad)

– Saikat Majumdar (Professor of English & Creative Writing, Ashoka University)

– Priyank Narayan (Director, InfoEdge Centre for Entrepreneurship, Ashoka University)

– Nitin Pangarkar (Academic Director, MBA, National University of Singapore)

– Jeffrey Petty (Professor of Entrepreneurship, EMBA-Academic Director, HEC Lausanne)

– Stuart Hendry (Head of Entrepreneurship & Post Graduate Programs, University of Cape Town, South Africa)

– Apoorv Bamaba (Founder, Ingenious Faces)

– Shreyasi Singh (Founder & CEO, Harappa Education)

– Ravi Narayan (Chief Innovation Officer, Telangana & CEO, T-Hub, Hyderabad)

– Amit Karna, Professor, IIM-Ahmedabad

– Geetika Dayal (Executive Director, TiE Delhi-NCR) 

– Ajay Batra (Executive Vice President, Wadhwani Venture Fastrack)  

– Suresh Bhagvatula (Professor, IIM-Bangalore)

– Priyanka Chopra (COO & Managing Partner Seed Investing, CIIE.CO, IIM-Ahmedabad)


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