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Who is this YSP for?

– The YSP is for students who feel that studying just a single discipline in high school is holding them back and for those who wish to broaden their horizons of learning and explore what a liberal arts and sciences education is all about. This is done using a unique interdisciplinary coursework prepared specifically for the Young Scholars Programme.

– For high school students who aren’t satisfied with the level of teaching or the education they’ve received in general, learning from the absolute stellar faculty at Ashoka University that teaches at YSP made students feel much more empowered. Every single professor who teaches at YSP is a stalwart of their field and in most cases, the same person behind a lot of things we grew up reading.

– A bunch of YSP scholars in the previous cohorts were simply confused and didn’t know what to pursue in future. YSP gave them a flavour of and access to a broad spectrum of disciplines to explore. This helped them develop an ability to think and analyze situations with an interdisciplinary approach and multiple perspectives.

– For students who were particularly sure of what they wanted to pursue in college, the YSP laid down and strengthened the foundation necessary for any undergraduate education.

  • Young Scholars Programme (YSP)

    Young Scholars Programme (YSP) is a unique summer programme which introduces high school students to liberal arts and sciences education. This year we are offering YSP as an online certified, five-day long programme where students will be exposed to different disciplines through academic work, writing and multimedia learning. YSP includes a range of activities including faculty presentations, creative workshops and discussion groups all in a virtual mode.

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