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LEAD: Learn, Envision, and Ascend for Development 2020-21

LEAD is Ashoka University’s Career Programme focusing on career development through enriching internships and other engagement opportunities. LEAD envisions to take the benefits of a Liberal Arts and Sciences education to various industries and in turn, ensure that students get an exposure beyond the classroom. The programme aims to further collaborate with organisations through various Internship/Project models outlined to help students enhance their diverse skill set.

LEAD includes the following modes of engagement:

Summer Internships

Summer Internships are the most popular category that companies subscribe to. These internships allow students to develop their skills during their summer break, approximately for a duration of 8-12 weeks. These internships can either be remote or on-site of the organisation. Often, Summer Internships convert to a Pre-Placement Offer upon completion of the internship which students can take up once they have graduated from Ashoka.

Virtual Internships

Virtual Internships are designed to ensure industry experience for the students all around the academic year. Virtual Internships require the students to dedicate a stipulated number of hours per week (10-20 hours) in tandem with their academic schedule.

Credit-Based Internships

The Credit-Based Internship allows undergraduate and masters students to earn academic credits while engaging in an Internship for a six-month period.  Students gain practical hands-on experience at their internship while also taking part in reflective learning to make meaning of their experience and how it impacts their future career goals. Students will develop learning objectives, complete a post-internship reflective assignment, and design an internship learning portfolio demonstrating their internship outcomes under the supervision of a faculty member.

YIF Experiential Learning Programme

The Experiential Learning Module (ELM) is a core component of the Young India Fellowship (YIF) curriculum where Fellows work on real-life projects from diverse sectors in collaboration with partner organizations, institutions, and individuals. The ELM project amounts to 4 credits within the YIF Programme. The ELM commences in October and ends in May. Fridays and Saturdays in each academic session are designated ELM days, and a week each in October and February is designated as the ELM week which is utilized for fieldwork. There is no ELM work in the month of December.

Graduate Internships

Graduate Internships are envisioned as a professional commitment that allow students to join as full-time interns for a period of 6-12 months after completing their Undergraduate and Postgraduate programmes. It provides students with an opportunity to explore a specific industry of their choice and develop relevant skills. The internship serves as a foundation, or training period, leading to professional employment.

Live Projects

Live projects are a special category of engagement that involve research projects  for a short span of time. These projects are usually undertaken by students in collaboration with an organisation or independent researcher. Students dedicate stipulated hours per week (usually 10-20 hours) and submit their deliverables by end of the project. These projects are offered throughout the year and their duration is decided as per the feasibility of the researcher, faculty, Project Manager, and student.

Winter Internships

Winter Internships provides students with an unparalleled opportunity as they engage themselves in small projects full-time during the month of December and January. Students are encouraged to explore diverse opportunities and refresh their practical knowledge. Since the period of engagement is comparatively shorter, we encourage organizations to offer winter internships to start an engagement with Ashoka University. This helps organizations understand the diverse skill sets our students have to offer.

Shadow Programme

In this programme, students shadow a CXO/managerial level executive for a fixed duration to understand how they go about doing their daily tasks and deal with day-to-day conflicts. This will help students gain hands-on experience, learn about an organization, and build relationships. During the course of the programme, students can attend workplace meetings, serve alongside the employer in volunteer work, discuss industry trends, and engage with the organisation’s mission.

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