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Department of Computer Science

The unique positioning of our department in a liberal arts environment in India engenders opportunities to apply computational thinking to the sciences and the social sciences, as well as take advantage of the cross-pollination of ideas from other disciplines to generate and define problems in CS.

We are actively doing impactful research towards disciplinary questions in CS as well as bringing CS methods into the natural and social sciences.

In particular, the department is actively engaged in digitisation and data questions in health, education and welfare; cryptography, privacy and security; data science and AI for public good; epidemiology and modelling; molecular and systems biology; quantum computing; psychology; environment; elections and politics.

The department has ambitious plans to develop exciting multidisciplinary CS+X programmes, both for research and teaching.


Faculty at Computer Science

Mphasis Laboratory for Machine Learning & Computational Thinking

The Mphasis Laboratory for Machine Learning & Computational Thinking addresses the opportunities presented by two simultaneous developments; an increased ability to sense & produce enormous amounts of data, & the ability to create extremely large clusters due to parallel runtimes. The Laboratory is built to push the limits of machine learning.

Coalition of India for a Progressive & Holistic Encryption Regime

Ashoka University and the Data Security Council of India (NASSCOM) have come together to form “CIPHER” (Coalition of India for a Progressive and Holistic Encryption Regime). CIPHER aims to be a coalition of like-minded institutions and individuals committed to preserving privacy and promoting digital trust by leveraging cutting edge cryptographic technologies.



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For any queries regarding Computer Science programmes, please contact:-

Professor Subhashis Banerjee

Head of the Department


Soham De

Student Representative



Student Representative


Vibodh Nautiyal

Student Representative


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